Cough Assist Program

Muscular Dystrophy Foundation, in conjunction with our state based Muscular Dystrophy partners works collaboratively with Philips Healthcare – an organisation committed to developing tools that deliver value throughout the complete cycle of care, from disease prevention to screening and diagnosis, to health management and monitoring, to treatment.


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Philips Healthcare

Cough Assist E70 click here

These devices can be rented or purchased through Philips Sleepeasy centres.  For further             details click here.

Many of the Muscular Dystrophy Associations based in most states provides potentially life-saving CoughAssist™ Machines to the neuromuscular community through Philips Healthcare.

The CoughAssist™ machine assists people with muscular dystrophy by inducing both a slow inhale and a rapid exhale; this encourages natural coughing, whilst avoiding problems associated with more invasive procedures. Those with muscular dystrophy are unable to cough, and accumulated secretions, even from a mild cold, make them prone to complications such as pneumonia and bronchitis. More often than not, they are admitted to hospital. Since CoughAssist™ machines have been in people’s homes, Muscular Dystrophy SA has identified a significant reduction in the incidence of hospital and ICU admissions, Emergency Department presentations, chest infections and visits to doctors.

To obtain support through the Cough Assist program with Philips Healthcare or further information on the program, please contact us at here.