Gap Funding Initiative for Neuromuscular Disorders (GIN)

In the hope of funding more neuromuscular research in Australia, several Australian non-profits sought a method to be apprised of highly ranked but unfunded research applications to the NHMRC – the scientific research arm of the Federal Government. In 2012, we were delighted that, with permission, scientists working to find a cure for neuromuscular disorders could apply seamlessly for second-chance funding to Australian non-profits without duplicating effort. Today there are seven prospective funding organizations participating in the GIN initiative.


The GIN initiative, by either singular or collective means, aims to assist highly ranked but unsuccessful NHMRC applicants with bridging funding until they can apply for the next NHMRC grant round. By keeping sound, innovative research moving, we are assisting young Australian scientists in identifying possible therapeutic drugs or biologics for neuromuscular disorders.

Member Organizations

Muscular Dystrophy Foundation, Duchenne Foundation, Neuromuscular Research Foundation Trust (NZ), Fascioscapulohumeral Dystrophy Global Research Foundation Ltd., Spinal Muscular Atrophy Association of Australia Inc., Muscular Dystrophy Australia and Save our Sons.

For more information

Please contact the coordinator, Phil Martin, or visit NHMRC Project Grants Scheme then scroll down to “Funding by other Organizations”