Life changing – the Cough Assist machine

For many years, muscular dystrophy associations across Australia have known the benefits cough assist machines can offer our clients.

For many people with muscular dystrophy, the deterioration of the chest muscles makes it difficult, if not impossible, to cough.  Phillips’ CoughAssist machines remove congestion on the lungs, mechanically stimulating a cough by directing a full breath deep into the lungs followed by a rapid exhale. This versatile, non invasive treatment prevents the development of lung infections and further respiratory complications.

Recently, we received feedback from a South Australian family who, through funding from their local MD association, were fortunate to have a CoughAssist machine in their home.


Mum said, “In Jay’s younger childhood years, he used to struggle with respiratory illness which would result in at least two hospital admissions per year sometimes requiring up to a week’s stay in hospital with oxygen.

After his last admission, we were provided with a cough assist machine to take home with us and we haven’t looked back since. Having this machine at home means we are able to use as a preventative measure to keep Jay’s lungs healthy and also catch a cough at the onset so it doesn’t develop into something more serious. That was 2 years ago now and I don’t think we have even had to go to the GP! Jay’s health has improved greatly and he got a fantastic report from the Respiratory specialist just last week.

We were advised that this machine was donated by MDA and once again we are extremely grateful to this amazing organisation. Thanks MDA SA!!”

Are you able to help provide this life-changing equipment for a local family. Please donate to support this worthy program.