Little Heroes Care

Little Heroes Care Life After DiagnosisThe Muscular Dystrophy Foundation and participating State based MD associations are delighted to have the ongoing support of the Little Heroes Foundation, which provides alternative pathways to meet the needs of children, young adults and their families.

The Little Heroes Care Program

The Little Heroes Care Program offers diverse and flexible assistance to help meet the needs of children, young adults (up to age 25) and their families. The purpose of the program is to improve the quality of life for these young people with neuromuscular conditions. The program covers:

  • case management
  • treatments & therapies
  • information, advocacy & referral
  • family support services
  • respite
  • practical support
  • transition & other programs
  • transport assistance

A little help from our friends

The state Muscular Dystrophy Associations participating in this program are grateful for the ongoing support of our friends and partners at the Little Heroes Foundation who so generously fund our Little Heroes Care Program.

Little Heroes Foundation exists for children. Their mission is to raise funds for essential medical infrastructure, treatment facilities and equipment and ensure that families are able to access the assistance they need when confronted with issues surrounding serious childhood illnesses and conditions. The partnership with Muscular Dystrophy is a program specifically designed for people living with Muscular Dystrophy (under 25 years of age) and their families. In 2009 Little Heroes Foundation introduced the Little Heroes Care Program through Muscular Dystrophy Associations with the hope that it would improve quality of life for children and their families from their initial diagnosis. The program facilitates a wide range of supports and services.

For more information

Please contact the following Muscular Dystrophy Associations in your state for more information regarding the Little Heroes Care program.

Muscular Dystrophy New South Wales
Freecall: 1800 635 109

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland
Freecall: 1800 676 364

Muscular Dystrophy South Australia
(Also servicing the Northern Territory)
Call: 08 8234 5266

Muscular Dystrophy Tasmania
Call: 03 6231 3273

Muscular Dystrophy Western Australia
Call: 08 9382 2700