Novacorr MDF partnership launches exciting new forum for all members

Novacorr LogoAs a business based on the belief of authentic thinking and empathetic living, Novacorr Healthcare – a supplier of adaptable equipment such as beds and chairs – understands the challenges facing those with muscular dystrophy and is focused on improving standards of living for people living with muscular dystrophy

Novacorr has partnered with the MDF to offer people living with MD and their families support via the first free online Australian forum dedicated to muscular dystrophy. The forum was designed in conjunction the MDF and is built and hosted by Novacorr – the aim is to let members who otherwise are isolated engage in conversations with likeminded people, share experiences, advice and offer a social platform. This would include MDF clients, carers and parents. This portal will be supported with health news and information on muscular dystrophy.

In addition to this Novacorr has further committed to building awareness of MD and supporting initiatives of the Foundation by pledging a percentage of all purchases made by members to the MDF.

As a family owned and operated business, Novacorr offers professional advice and high quality, Australian made products. They have built their reputation on finding solutions for their clients. Working extensively with both Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists and in conjunction with the patient and their family, Novacorr staff will help to find or tailor-make the right product for a client’s specific needs.

We encourage all members to visit the Forum and to share and engage with other members.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Keith Atkinson on 1300 847 897