Raising the Bar – a whitepaper on achieving the best outcomes from the NDIS

An excerpt from this whitepaper:

“We believe that the NDIS represents the best chance people with disability in Australia have ever had to get prepared to contribute to our society—and for society to welcome their active participation.

We believe passionately that people with disability are far more capable of participating at all levels of our society than most people believe— including many people with disability themselves.
We don’t accept that a 40% difference in workforce and education participation is OK. We don’t accept that a person with disability can’t choose where she or he lives. And we don’t accept that it’s OK for the community to expect so little of people with disability.
In our view, genuine change will only occur if we embark on this journey with a truly aspirational vision.We must raise the bar around expectations and accept nothing less than people with disability achieving all that they can and want to achieve. When they do that, our entire nation will benefit.”

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