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Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Australia has today unveiled the name and logo of its Neuromuscular Digital Resource which is currently in development. The Resource will be called The Loop: Your Neuromuscular Resource Hub.

Funded through and NDIA Information, Linkages and Capacity Building grant, The Loop will be an online, integrated and accessible resource to strengthen the capacity and skills of Australians living with muscular dystrophy and neuromuscular conditions, their families and carers.

‘The Loop’ was chosen as the Resource’s name to reflect an inclusive space designed to promote connection.

MDFA wanted to create a sense that this is a hub for likeminded people to learn and share, to get ‘in the loop’ with relevant news, opinions and much more. Navigating change is hard, but it’s easier when you can feel a sense of empathy and connection with other people.

The Loop’s logo design allows for various interpretations. It can be seen as two overlapping speech bubbles which are looping in and out of itself, representing how the hub will connect, inform and help the community. It’s also a weaving path representing life’s journey or learning curve which is never straightforward.

The Loop’s name and brand design have been developed by project partner Meerkats in collaboration with MDFA’s project team, CEOs from Muscular Dystrophy organisations from around the country and the project’s Community Reference Group, made up of members of the neuromuscular community.

“The Loop is a real space between life’s learning curves, where you can prepare and share every step and find your voice with voices just like yours.”

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