11-Point Plan Proposed to Better Protect People with Disability

Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Australia has joined an alliance of disability representative organisations calling on Australia’s governments to better prioritise people with disability in their vaccine rollout programs.

On the first full day of a Canberra lockdown, the coalition of more than 60 disability organisations has released an open letter to the Australian Government for failing to vaccinate and protect the most clinically vulnerable people with disability in the nation.

The letter is addressed to National Cabinet, which meets today, and contains an 11- point plan outlining the kind of action that governments across Australia need to take to protect people with disability.

The plan includes recommendations in relation to consultation, planning, implementation and reporting. Key recommendations include prioritising in-home vaccinations, maximising vaccine choice and increasing transparency around progress reporting.

Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Australia Chief Executive Officer Ryan Talsma: “While governments have acknowledged the increased risks for people with disability associated with COVID-19 – there needs to be more activity on the ground in response – urgent action is required now.”

The open letter can be viewed and downloaded on the PWDA website:


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Chief Executive Officer
Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Australia
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Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Australia is the national peak body representing people with neuromuscular conditions and is committed to advocating on behalf of our community to influence improved health, social and economic outcomes

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